Comprehensive career development and promotion system

Primax Group has a robust career development and promotion system available to cater for our employees from recruitment, transfer, to retention. These systems have been designed not only to support employees' career development, but also to inspire their potentials and open them up to whole new opportunities.

The Company has implemented a PRD (Performance Review and Development) system to facilitate two-way communication between employees and their managers. This process allows employees to develop a thorough understanding about their work performance and the skill sets they are expected to develop in response to future challenges. The PRD also enables employees to customize skills and career development plans to suit their skills, preference, and style. The purpose of the PRD system is to help every Primax employee exceed personal boundaries and discover their endless potentials. The specific measures involve high-level executives establishing operational objectives, followed by two-way communication between each executive and their respective team members at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. This ongoing dynamic communication allows for continuous adjustments, feedback, and guidance throughout the process.development 1

Performance evaluation system

Primax Group offers full protection for employees' rights. Its human resource policies are fully compliant with the Labor Standards Act, and are supported by clearly defined performance evaluation and disciplinary systems. Primax Group outlines performance standards and evaluation criteria for each job role and evaluates employees' performance on a yearly basis, and the outcome affects year-end bonus and salary adjustment. In addition to using performance management tools to track employees' productivity, we also use agile communication methods, allowing employees and supervisors to adjust work pace and content through real-time feedback and dialogue. Except for permanent employees with less than 3 month's service and temporary workers under fixed-term contracts, all permanent employees in Primax's Taiwan and China operations are entitled to performance evaluation, whereas all employees at Tymphany are subjected to performance evaluation and have access to fair promotion opportunities.

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Flexible career development system

At Primax, we differentiate ourselves from other companies by introducing a flexible dual track career development system, allowing each employee to pursue their individual interests, leverage their strengths, and work towards their career goals, whether in management or professional roles. We provide equal and fair opportunities for advancement in both tracks. Annually, Primax conducts performance reviews at the end of the year, engaging in one on-one discussions with employees to understand their individual performance and career aspirations. We use the analysis of each employee's annual performance and their career development plans to continuously support and guide their professional growth. Our aim is to empower employees to excel in their areas of expertise while fulfilling their personal career aspirations. Through our flexible dual-track promotion system, we encourage our employees to find a stage where they can thrive, be it in management or professional positions.

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Internal Job Rotation Program

In order to foster a diverse pool of talents that our organization requires, Primax has developed the "Internal Rotation Policy." This program facilitates internal job rotations, allowing employees to explore their interests, develop their potentials, and broaden their career horizons within the company. Through these rotations, employees can continuously innovate and revitalize the organization while finding opportunities for personal growth and development.

Primax announces its job rotation guidelines at the beginning of each year, which specifies the particular function and criteria of employees to be rotated during the year. The human resource department then coordinates the rotation based on employees' profile and the Company's requirements, while trying to match the "Rotation Plans" proposed by each department. A "Group Annual Rotation Plan" is prepared and submitted for approval by the Guidance Committee. Department heads are required to discuss the approved "Annual Rotation Plan" with each other and with the rotated employees, and formulate a "Rotation Execution Plan" within the specified due date. The Execution Plan needs to cover details such as timing, communication plan, job handover, training program, responsible mentor etc. Once the plans are set, department heads would be required to train or assign mentor to the rotated employee, and complete the necessary procedures so that employees may report on duty at the approved time. Execution and outcome of job rotations are included as part of annual performance review for the department heads involved.

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Diverse and equal talent development program

Primax Group upholds a fair and just talent development philosophy, where every individual can feel secure and free to unleash their potential and demonstrate their talents. As part of Primax Group, everyone is encouraged to grow and excel. In pursuit of this vision, Primax has dedicated efforts to promote gender equality and eliminate unfair barriers to career advancement in recent years. To achieve this goal, we are consciously cultivating female leaders and actively promoting young, talented women to various leadership positions. Our aim is to increase the representation of women in senior management roles, and we project a steady growth to reach 20 % of key female leaders by 2030 . This commitment to fostering gender diversity in leadership positions is integral to our sustainable business objectives. In addition, we measure gender diversity through other indicators, such as the percentage of women in management positions in revenue-generating functions (which was 26.31% in 2022) and the representation of women in STEM-related positions (which was 23.92% in 2022).

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IDP is a grassroots-level plan and the Group’s shared goal

To accelerate the overall progress of the company, the growth and development of each colleague are vital driving forces for the flourishing of Primax. Therefore, optimizing the development plans for each colleague has become a collective goal of the Primax Group. We used to focus on KPI setting and require a strong link between targets and rewards. However, as we felt that the development of talents is an important part of the Company’s sustainable development, we implemented the IDP in stages from top to bottom, requiring each manager to formulate IDP for at least two employees (as the manager’s annual KPI), and we review them based on the performance management cycle, to use personal growth to drive the Company's growth. In 2022, a total of 92 talent development plans were successfully executed, with 30 colleagues experiencing job expansions and 17 receiving promotions.
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Diverse and self-motivated learning channels

In addition to salary and post-retirement care, Primax believes that spiritual abundance is also very important, so we aim to help employees not only work in the workplace but grow through work. We have planned a complete education and training structure and provided a variety of courses and seminars to help employees learn something, improve their work-related skills, or learn more what they are interested in outside of work. For employees who have employment terminated due to adjustment of business portfolio or job duties, we would ask them if they require assistance with subsequent employment, and refer them to head hunters or employment agencies/websites if needed.

Employee career training system

Primax's learning and development programs are centered on work-related skills. They are closely associated with the Company's future strategies and goals. The training system is divided into the following three categories:

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The Company offers a multitude of convenient learning channels to help employees develop new knowledge and skills. These learning channels have been designed to inspire employees' skills and potentials, and make their learning efforts more meaningful. During the learning process, we encourage employees to share what they have learned with colleagues and therefore facilitate growth as a team. Our managers often play the role of mentor and give them the most direct and immediate guidance. It is also part of the managers' responsibility to adjust employees' learning instruments where appropriate. At Tymphany, employees are offered training opportunities on areas such as quality assurance, acoustics, production, administration, and self-development.

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Employee education and training

Primax Group values employees' career development, and all employees are entitled to receive training. In 2022 , employees of Primax Group participated in training courses organized by the Human Resources Department, with a total training duration of 107 , 862 hours. On average, each employee received 9 . 36 hours of training, and average amount spent per FTE on training and development is NTD 17,030,911.

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