Primax considers employees to be its greatest advantage, and prides itself for having creative and pro-active employees as well as a top-performing management team. Primax has a multi-national management team that brings global and industry visions to help Primax
expand and globalize.

Employee policy driven by humanity

At Primax Group, we value people and strive to cater for employees' safety and comfort in the workplace while at the same time assure them the respect and dignity they deserve. These are the reasons why we have implemented equal employment policies and engage local employees in full communication, so that employees are treated fairly anywhere we operate.

We promise to build an organizational culture of diversity, equality, inclusion, and a sense of belonging through the two main pillars of talent cultivation and healthy and safe workplace. In terms of talent cultivation, we achieve the goal of diversified development and inclusive growth through a talent declaration, leadership training, and a talent development mechanism. As for the health and safety workplace, we continuously optimize employee experience, increase health awareness and hold activities, and provide a family-friendly mechanism to provide an equal workplace where employees feel a sense of belonging.

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Human Right Management

In addition to treating every member of the Primax Group equally, we have formulated a human rights policy, including non-discrimination, no child labor, elimination of forced labor, and respect for employees’ freedom of association with reference to the RBA Code of Conduct, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,  and other international conventions. We conduct human rights risk assessments at each site on a regular basis and follow up on and confirm counter measures against relevant risks. It is our responsibility to create a fair, safe, and comfortable workplace and completely eradicate the problems of bonded labor, under age labor, and overtime work.

In 2022 , the Group conducted human rights-related education and training for employees, with a total of 6 , 016 participants and a participation rate of 52 % among employees. Throughout the reporting period, there were no incidents of discrimination, child or under age labor, forced or compulsory labor. Additionally, no related complaints or significant penalties were found, except for two minor fines totaling 60 , 760 NTD, both of which have been rectified.

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Human Rights Risk Mitigation and Remediation Measures

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Note: Please refer to the 《supply Chain Management》for more information

Diversity and equality

Primax Group operates a headquarters in Taiwan and several subsidiaries and production sites in China. We believe that it is our responsibility to care for local residents, which is why we try to employ local residents where possible, and in doing so contribute to the development of the local economy.

The Group also strives to expand the diversity of its workforce; apart from locals, Primax recruits foreign employees and engages actively in international exchange so that the company and employees may get in touch with different cultures and customs, and develop perspectives and thinking in different directions. Out of care for society, the Company recruits a minimum number of people with disabilities each year, providing them an opportunity to put their skills to work and make a living on their own. Additionally, Primax Taipei was awarded the "Excellent Enterprise for Hiring Persons with Disabilities" by the Taipei City government, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and friendly workplace.

In 2022 , Primax Group hired 16 foreign workers and 125 people with disabilities. Although the Group did not employ enough people with disabilities to fulfill the minimum quota, the organization paid monthly compensation for the shortfall as required by law, and continues to search for people with disabilities of suitable skills that can be hired to ensure compliance with local regulations. The following shows age and gender distribution of employees at Primax Group:

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Employees' freedom of association and lodge grievances

In terms of workforce management, Primax Group complies strictly with local labor regulations wherever it operates. Employment relations at Chinese production sites are governed by the "Employment Contract Law." Our human resource department has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing workplace and talent development. Not only does it oversee an extensive scope of personnel affairs including talent diversity, interdepartmental transfer, employee communication, employee care, learning and development, remuneration, welfare and incentives, the department also conducts regular tracking and analysis of human resources to help managers improve work performance and productivity, and offer insights that are useful to the senior management in reviewing performance of the existing workforce.

Primax Dongguan and Kunshan have established labor unions, and collective agreements coverall employees. Although other locations do not have labor unions or signed collective agreements, regular communication meetings, labor-management meetings, and welfare committee meetings allow employees to express their opinions and effectively resolve their issues. In 2022 , employees at various manufacturing sites in mainland China submitted a total of 796 proposals and registered 796cases through grassroots interviews, mailboxes, emails, direct communication with supervisors and HR, the enterprise WeChat platform, and labor unions. The proposals covered various issues related to employees' daily lives, work, and company benefits. All 796 proposals were improved, achieving a 100 % completion rate. The various channels for filing complaints and the labor union members fully utilized their functions to help convey employees' concerns and ensured that the problems were effectively addressed through meetings.

Tymphany Huizhou and Dongcheng also have labor unions, and besides the labor unions, employees can submit their opinions through the employee suggestion box. HR regularly reviews the suggestions and provides feedback on the issues. Although other locations have not established labor unions, they have employee communication and complaint platforms, where employees can directly submit their opinions. The specific channels for complaints at Tymphany are detailed in the "Stakeholders’ Inquiries and Complaints "document (add a hyperlink). A total of 17 grievances and improvement/optimization proposals concerning work hours, corporate activities, employee training, and employee welfare were raised by employees in 2022 ; all of which have been responded with improvement measures devised.

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