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Water usage and management have emerged to become two critical issues in business operations, given the increasing scarcity and rising demand for water. This is why we have long operations, given the increasing scarcity and rising demand for water. This is why we have long taken steps to monitor the volume of water used at our production plants, and are dedicated to reducing water volume where possible. To strengthen Primax Group’s water resource management strategy, all nine major operating sites have obtained the ISO 14046 Water Footprint Verification Statement and formulated a water balance map of each plant to help reinforce our water conservation strategy.

The Group continues to implement water footprint surveying and obtained certification for ISO 14046 : 2014 , which is a testament to Primax's resolve in conserving water and protecting the environment.

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Primax Group uses World Resources Institute's "water resource risk assessment tool" to evaluate water resource risks at current sites, and devises management strategies based on the level of risk identified. In Taiwan, water pressure levels are generally classified as Low- Medium ( 1 - 2 ), while in Mainland China, including Dongguan, Huizhou, and Dongcheng, the water pressure is classified as Medium - High ( 2 - 3 ). In Mainland China's Kunshan area and Thailand, the water pressure is classified as High ( 3 - 4 ). The main water source used by the group is tap water; rainwater and groundwater are not utilized. Additionally, the water usage is in compliance with local regulations, and the withdrawal volume has no significant impact on the water sources. Water consumption reduced by 44 , 649 m3 in 2022 , approximately a 4 . 87 % decrease compared to 2021 . Water intensity decreased by 13 . 99 % compared to 2021 to 11 . 00m3 /million NTD, a 20 . 40 % decrease compared to the base year 2020.

Total volume of water recycled in 2022 was measured at 35 . 88 million liters, representing 4 . 12 % of group-wide water usage. The recycling helps minimize use of fresh water, discharge of wastewater, and the overall environmental impact.

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