2020 • 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)

Recipient of the "Corporate Comprehensive Performance - Top 50 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Awards" and "Corporate Sustainability Report - Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Industry - Platinum Award" at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award ceremony.

2020 • 38th Place in the CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Awards

Primax was ranked 38 in the large enterprise category of the Top 100 list of 2020 "CommonWealth Corporate Citizenship Awards"


2019 • 51st Place in the Manufacturing Industry

Primax was ranked 51st in the manufacturing industry by CommonWealth Magazine in its survey of the top 2000 companies. Primax was also ranked in the top 5 of the top 50 companies with a return-on-equity of 14.7%.

2019 • Record revenues

Consolidated revenues of NT$80.7 billion in 2019 set a new record for Primax. The Thai factory and manufacturing site was also established that year.

2017 • Tymphany plant in Czech Republic

Tymphany acquired the Czech subsidiary of B&O to serve as its high-end acoustic manufacturing center in Europe.

Corporate Governance

2016 • Corporate Governance

Ranked among the top 5% of TWSE-listed companies for corporate governance.

2015 • $2B

Consolidated revenues surpassed US$2 billion

2014 • Entry into acoustics

The acquisition of Tymphany marked Primax's formal entry into acoustic technology.Tymphany

2012 • Re-listed on TWSE

Primax became the first company in Taiwan to be re-listed on TWSE after voluntary de-listing.

Chongqing Plant

2011 • Chongqing Plant

Chongqing factory was established to respond to shift in computer supply chain and to diversify manufacturing risk.


2010 • Top 100 Manufacturing Company

Primax joined the ranks of Taiwan’s top 100 manufacturing companies and surpassed US$1 billion revenues.

2009 • Camera module

Introduction of miniature camera module production made Primax a key player in the smart phone industry.

Kunshan Plant

2009 • Kunshan Plant

Established the Kunshan plant for the manufacturing of notebook keyboard modules and peripherals.

2007 • Keyboards

Expansion from computer mouse manufacture to keyboards made Primax a leading supplier of human-machine interface devices for leading global computer brands.

2007 • Privatization and de-listing

Primax was voluntarily de-listed to make adjustments to the shareholding structure and succession plan.

2006 • Multi-function printers

Entered the multi-function printer sector by integrating scanner and printer technologies.

2006 • Acquired Destiny Technology

Acquired key printing-related technologies

2001 • Digital Camera

Leveraged experience in image processing and Toptronic  camera technology to enter the digital camera sector.

2001 • Acquired Toptronic

Acquired key camera-related technologies


2000 • Bluetooth headphones

The coming of mobile phones make Bluetooth headphones an important phone accessory

Taipei HQ

2000 • Taipei headquarters building

Moved into newly completed headquarters building in Taipei City’s Neihu District

1995 • Scanners

Scanners could be considered the first image-related product at Primax.

1995 • Primax publicly listed

Primax was officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995

1990 • Mouse

The coming of the PC age saw Primax make a name for itself in computer mouse products.

Dongguan Plant

1989 • Dongguan Plant

Established the factory at Dongguan.

Yonghe Plant

1984 • Yonghe Plant

The main product from Primax factory was telephone sockets.

Established in 1984