New Hiring

In 2022 , Primax Group hired a total of 7 , 982 new employees ( 5 , 257 males and 2 , 725females), with an average monthly new hiring percentage of 5 . 77 %. Among them, Primax Electronics hired a total of 4 , 323 new hires ( 2 , 907 males and 1 , 416 females), with an average monthly new hiring percentage of 5 . 23 %. Additionally, Tymphany hired a total of 3 , 659 new employees ( 2 , 350 males and 1 , 309 females), with an average monthly new hiring percentage of 6 . 58 %.

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Diverse and complete recruitment channels

We value and care for employees' actual experiences in the workplace. The Company constantly observes new recruits and resigned employees, and evaluates the effectiveness ofexisting measures and welfare to determine whether it has accomplished its goal of creatingan equal and friendly workplace.

In terms of talent recruitment, we have worked closely with 104 Job Bank for four years. Each year, both parties discuss the key recruitment points and marketing proposals for theyear and build Primax’s exclusive recruitment webpage at 104 to introduce the company’sbusiness, vacancies, and benefits with pictures and texts, to attract talents from all over the world to join Primax.

Certainly, internal talent is also a crucial partner for us. To address this, Primax has established a digital Talent Bank system to complement various talent recruitment, rotation,and retention programs, serving as a powerful tool for building a talent pipeline. We have integrated the Human Capital Management (HCM) system, performance management system,enterprise process management platform, and internal and external talent resumes upload to enhance the functionality of the Talent Bank. Additionally, we can also store the information of outstanding external candidates in the Primax Talent Bank.

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Turnover rate

Primax Group complies strictly with labor regulations with respect to the termination of employment. Any major change of employment term is duly notified according to laws andin compliance with the Standards Act of the Republic of China or Labor Law of the People'sRepublic of China.

In 2022 , Primax Group had a total of 8 , 755 employees who left the company ( 5 , 576 malesand 3 , 179 females), with an average monthly turnover rate of 6 . 33 %. Among them, Primax Electronics had a total of 5 , 286 employees who left the company ( 3 , 295 males and 1 , 991 females), with an average monthly turnover rate of 6 . 39 %. Additionally, Tymphany had a totalof 3 , 469 employees who left the company ( 2 , 281 males and 1 , 188 females), with an averagemonthly turnover rate of 6 . 24 %.

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Reasonable compensation system

To enable employees to have a better quality of life, we provide a reasonable salary system and our human capital ROI is 7313.03. While complying with government policies in every aspect concerning salaries, we refrains from assigning employees to unsuitable positions just to reduce personnel cost. We also uphold fairness and justice in employment by awarding employees the titles and salaries they deserve, and making sure that everyoneis appropriately compensated to care for them and their families.

There was no gender discrepancy in terms of "entry-levelsalary to minimum salary ratio" within the Primax Group. Furthermore, the Company's lowest salary package remains above the local minimum salary, meaning that no employee is compensated below the minimum salary. The workers employed by the Group as per local regulations on entrylevel personnel and their salaries are paid in accordance with local policies.

Primax Group also strives to ensure equality in salary and eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace byreducing salary difference between genders as much aspossible. Our remuneration policies in various locations notonly comply with local regulations, but are regularly revised to conform with market levels. We gather local salary surveys to provide the basis for adjusting our remuneration policies; in doing so, we are able to maintain the competitiveness of our compensation package while at the same time ensuring fairness of remuneration internally.

We recruit and compensate employees with salary packages that correspond to their job grades, and not by gender. Employees are guaranteed an annual pay of 13 ~ 14 months’ salary, depending on their grades. By offering competitive salary, we hope to attract talented employees and recognize and inspire their performance. In addition to regular salary, we also provide a broad range of incentives including monthly production efficiency bonus, annual performance bonus, proposal bonus, year-end bonus, patentbonus, long-service bonus, ad-hoc rewards, and quarterly team bonus to compensate employees for their contribution.

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Employee care and benefit system

The welfare system is a true representation of Primax Group’s care for employees, as it caters for employees' every need at work. Primax has an Employee Welfare Committee in place to organize recreational activities and subsidies for employees. The committee constantly strives to expand the welfare system in order to provide employees the most complete care possible and enrich their private lives outside of work. Improvement of work-life balance andquality is what motivates the Employee Welfare Committee to devote attention in bringing the best benefits and developing the best welfare system for employees. Primax has implemented comprehensive welfare systems at all of its operations. Although welfare systems may vary indetail, they nevertheless comply or exceed local regulatory requirements. The following is adetailed description of various welfare systems in place:

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Parental benefits

In order to encourage employee productivity and provide sufficient time for rest or to accompany and care for family members during the pre and post-production process, Primax Group strictly complies with local labor regulations. Moreover, they have designed additional welfare benefits for female employees, exceeding the legal requirements. For instance, in all Primax manufacturing sites in mainland China, they have established dedicated areas for pregnant women to dine, rest, and breastfeed, aiming to alleviate the burdens that employees may experience during the pre and post-pregnancy periods. Through these comprehensive policies, Primax aims to share the joy of welcoming new life with its employees. Primax Taipei Headquarters once again received Taipei City Certificate for Top Nursery Facility (valid for 3years) in 2019 for providing employees with a comfortable and accessible nursery space.

In 2022 , there were a total of 72 eligible employees ( 60 males, 12 females) in Primax Taipei who qualified for maternity leave without pay. However, only 5 employees ( 4 males,1 female) applied for this leave. At the end of the leave period, there were 5 employees ( 4males, 1 female) expected to return to work, but only 3 employees ( 2 males, 1 female) actually returned, resulting in a return rate of 60 % and a retention rate of 67 %.

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Pension scheme

Primax Group cares for employees not only with respect to workplace communication, but also caters for their lives after retirement by maintaining pension systems in compliance with laws of local authorities.

Employees at Primax Taipei are covered by the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act of the Republic of China, under which the Company is required to make regular contributions to employees' pension accounts. A new pension system was introduced in Taiwan in 2005 . Employees who were already employed at the time of change were given the choice to either continue the old system or adopt the new system. For this reason, some employees who came on board on or before June 30 ,2005 had chosen to continue with the old pension system, for which the Company contributes an amount equal to 2 % of employees' monthly salary to the labor pensionfund account. Under the new scheme, the Company contributes 6 % of employees'monthly salary into their personal pension accounts. In addition to the 6 % monthly contributions made by the employer, employees may also choose to contribute anadditional 0 % - 6 % of their salary into their pension accounts. During the reporting period, about 0 . 22 % of employees were subject to the old scheme while 99 . 78 % of employees were subject to the new scheme. Primax had maintained its pension fundassets at 75 % in excess of pension payable.

Employees of our various operations in China are entitled to pension insurance under the Social Insurance Law. This insurance provides employees the financial security they need to retire without worries. Retirement regulations at our Chinese operations allow male employees to retire at the age of 60 and female employees at the age of 50 , or whenever verified by hospital for total loss of work capacity for either gender. Salary payments normally cease from one month after retirement; however, toreward employees for their hard work over the years, Primax Group provides incentivesin addition to the basic pension insurance benefits mandated by law. Tymphany paid amonth of salary to appreciate these senior employees’ dedication to the Company formany years.

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