Analyst Coverage

Capital Securities, Citi Group Global Markets Taiwan Securities, First Securities, Fubon Securities, IBFS Securities, KGI Securities, MasterLink Securities, Mega Securities, Nomura International Securities, President Securities, SinoPac Securities, Yuanta Securities (in alphabetical order)


Disclaimer on Information Released by Analysts:
The investment banks or brokerages listed above are those that regularly publish research reports on the Company or related industries. However, investment banks or brokerages may include or remove the Company and related industries from their research reports at any time so the above list may be incomplete and subject to change.
Any opinions, assessments or predictions made by investment banks or brokerages regarding the Company’s past history or activities are unilateral. They should not be considered representative of the opinions or estimations of Primax and its management. The above list of investment banks and brokerages is only provided here as a service to shareholders. It does not indicate implicit agreement or endorsement of the information, conclusions or recommendations provided.