Electronic manufacturing runs the risk of emitting GHG, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and other gases that have significant impacts on the environment. And this is why we implement a variety of solutions to reduce GHG emission. Since 2010 , we have been working with SGS, a third-party institution, to identify and measure GHG emitted by our plants, which helped enforce our GHG control strategies. The measurements cover direct GHG emissions, energy indirect GHG emissions, other indirect GHG emissions, and GHG emission intensity. By disclosing energy indicators, we intend to show the world how far wehave accomplished in mitigating environmental impacts, and our ability to respond to carbon controls, rising operating costs, and changes in energy supply and prices.

Primax Group operates in Taiwan, mainland China, and Thailand, and has ensured 100 % compliance with local environmental regulations. The "Climate Change Response Act" has been implemented in Taiwan. Although Primax Group does not operate any production facility in Taiwan and is not subject to GHG emissions reporting and control, we still take the initiative to survey GHG emissions and pay close attention to regulatory requirements. The carbon trade system is being implemented in the Mainland, while provincial governments are starting to introduce control over emissions. In the meantime, we adopt rigorous control and strive to reduce GHG emission to avoid being impacted by new policies and laws.

The Group’s Scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 were be 42 , 435 . 696 tons of CO2 e/year (Market Base), a decrease of 22 , 753 . 635 tons of CO2 e year, or about 39 . 54 %, compared with 2021 ; a decrease of 49 , 387 . 699 tons of CO2 e/year, or about 53 . 79 %, compared with the base year of 2019 . The greenhouse gas emission intensity in 2022 was 0 . 536 tCO2 e/ million NTD, a decrease of 45 . 33 % compared with 2021 and a decrease of 52 . 96 % compared with the base year of 2019 . The main reasons are due to the active implementation of energy-saving initiatives at various plants. The Dongguan Primax, Chongqing, Kunshan, Huizhou Tymphany, Thailand Primax, and Thailand Tymphany plants purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC). Additionally, the Dongguan Dongju, Chongqing, and Huizhou Tymphany plants directly utilize electricity generated from solar power. In 2022 , 32 , 610 , 000 kwh of renewable energy offset a total of 18 , 447 . 08 metric tons of CO2 e, accounting for 32 . 04 % of the electricity used. Since 2019 , the cumulative purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates has led to a reduction of 37 , 406 . 548 metric tons of CO2 e.

GHG emission statistics of Primax Group - 2022 (Unit: tons of CO2e/year)



GHG emission statistics of Primax Group - 2019-2022 (Unit: tons of CO2e/year)




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