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Taoyuan Elementary School and Taoyuan community

Primax Taipei has always upheld the core principles of giving back to society and practicing public welfare. Over the years, we have maintained a good relationship with Taoyuan Elementary School and Taoyuan Community in Yenping Township, Taitung County. We regularly provide care and financial sponsorship, spreading love to those in need. For example, every year, Primax directly purchases a large quantity of organic pineapples from the Taoyuan community, ensuring that local farmers are not exploited by other agricultural institutions. The purchased pineapples are then gifted to every employee at Primax. Additionally, we have established a friendly relationship with Taoyuan Elementary School and, during the 2022 graduation season, continued the previous year's practice of having Primax employees make handmade cloth dolls as graduation gifts. Each doll comes with a handwritten blessing card from members of the volunteer society, ensuring that the interaction between Primax employees and the children of Taoyuan Elementary School continues despite the pandemic.

In 2022 , as the COVID- 19 pandemic continued to spread through out Taiwan, the remote Taoyuan community faced not only the problem of limited medical capacity but also the hardship of the entire family's livelihood being greatly impacted when a family member tested positive. To alleviate the various difficulties arising in the Taoyuan community during the pandemic, Primax took the lead in donating a large number of rapid Primax kits to reduce the number of infections in the community. Furthermore, we collaborated with the "Seed Home" organization and initiated the "Taoyuan Community Emergency Relief Fundraising Campaign" within the company, hoping that all colleagues could share their love and support.

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Primax Tech Expo Family Day x Dousi Multicultural Studio

In October 2022 , Primax held a grand technology expo while also incorporating Primax Family Day, welcoming all employees to bring their families to participate. Additionally, for the first time, Primax collaborated with the Dousi Multicultural Studio and invited Bunun children from Taitung to perform and celebrate together. The event not only featured presentations about Primax Group and its main product technologies but also offered a variety of delicious food, photo booths, interactive games, and lifestyle DIY activities, creating a lively and festive atmosphere for the entire tech expo.

The most anticipated highlight of this event was the traditional tribal singing and dancing performance by the Bunun children led by the Dousi Multicultural Studio. This provided these children, who are making efforts to preserve their mother tongue and culture, with a grand stage and boosted their self-confidence. Additionally, after the event, Primax arranged a sightseeing activity in Taipei, allowing the Bunun children to have fun and get to know Taipei. Through this experience, it is hoped that the children's horizons will be broadened while also strengthening the connection between Primax and the community, working towards the vision of multicultural integration and coexistence.

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Esports Career Experience Camp x Taitung Zhiben Kids’Bookhouse - Bookhouse Festival

With the rapid advancement of information technology, professional E sports competitions in Taiwan have been gaining increasing attention. As a major manufacturer of Esports peripherals, Primax aims to contribute to the education of the E sports industry and provide young people with an accurate understanding of the vast and emerging E sports field. Therefore, in early December 2022 , we partnered with our charity partner, Taitung Zhiben Kids’ Book house, to set up an "E sports Career Experience" booth during the annual Book house Festival. This booth provided children from rural areas with an opportunity to explore the E sports industry and enjoy a rich and fun E sports experience.

During the event, we guided the children through various gaming challenges, step by step, to explore the Esports industry. First, we introduced the different categories in the E sports industry. A part from the glamorous players, there are also many essential roles behind the scenes, such as coaches, streamers, commentators, producers, sound designers, editors, event planners, executors, marketers, game designers, and E sports peripheral manufacturers. Each of these roles plays a crucial part in the E sports eco system Next, we explained the differences between E sports products and general computer peripherals, allowing the children to operate related equipment. We also simulated the roles of broadcasters, producers, and players in an E sports competition setting, providing an interactive experience. After completing all the challenges, the children could participate in an exciting lottery draw.

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Participation in Public Welfare Contributions

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Regular Sponsorships for Public Welfare Partners andEncouragement to Employees for Participation

Since 2016 , Primax Taipei has actively signed charity partnership contracts with social welfare organizations and makes regular donations to support their projects. By providing a stable source of funding, our charity partners can focus more on their services without worrying about financial shortages. Additionally, with the aim of increasing employee engagement and cohesion, Primax Taipei collaborates with charity partners each year to organize employee interactions and fundraising events. We also facilitate employee contributions through an internal salary donation platform, fostering a better understanding of our philanthropic goals and encouraging collective efforts.

Continuing the Spirit of Philanthropy at Mainland Operating Bases

Embracing the values of "human goodness, collective effort, and serving the community,"Primax's mainland operating bases have upheld the philanthropic spirit of the Taipei Headquarters since their establishment. We firmly believe in incorporating integrity, pragmatism, and sharing into the core values of the company. In 2022 , we initiated four major philanthropic projects, namely " Primax Pearl Class," "Love Gathering Children," "Scholarship," and "Growth Classes," focusing on sponsoring education, caring for left-behind children, and supporting rural educational development. Throughout the years of continuous philanthropic endeavors, Primax has actively led and encouraged employees to participate in charitable activities, gradually establishing a replicable and sustainable trend in philanthropy, contributing to the development of a better society.

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Volunteering Services

Primax’s Volunteer Service Team and Star-rating Volunteer Reward System

In addition to financial sponsorship, we encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities in their spare time, to increase happiness from helping others, recognize their self worth,feel grateful for their life, and enhance their empathy during close contact with the elderly, people with disabilities, or disadvantaged families, cleanup of the environment, or ecological protection. As a result, Primax's manufacturing base in mainland China has been actively promoting volunteer service in recent years:

In addition, we have established the "Star Volunteer Incentive System" with the aim of encouraging colleagues to actively participate in charitable activities. In 2022 , despite the some what controlled situation of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the volunteer service teams continued to respond to various service activities. These included events like "Childhood Love, Childhood Growth," "Brighten Up" Project, visiting under privileged children and the elderly, all of which were key philanthropic activities for Primax in 2022 . Our dedication to continuously giving back to society, ensuring that love never ceases, led our volunteer team to once again receive certifications and awards as an outstanding volunteer service team and a compassionate collective. This external acknowledgment has been received by our volunteer team every year since its establishment.

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Taipei volunteers and Hongdao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation

In 2016 , Primax Taipei established the Volunteer Society to encourage employees to actively engage in volunteer activities by providing three days of paid volunteer leave. Due to the social issues of declining birthrates and an aging population in Taiwan, the average age of Primax’s employees in Taipei is in the young- and middle-aged bracket and have senior parents and young children at home. Therefore, we pay attention to education issues and are committed to the care for the elderly, so we work with the Hongdao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation for long term and hold regular caring activities every year to direct employees’ attention to the issue of elderly care.

In 2022 , due to the impact of the pandemic, we transformed the routine "Year-end Shopping with the Elderly" activity into an online format. Initially, Primax volunteers visited the Hongdao service center to accompany the elderly in browsing online store catalogs, recording their needs. Subsequently, the center staff placed orders for the required items, and Primax volunteers delivered them directly to the elderly. This approach reduced the potential risk of infection for the elderly in crowded stores while achieving the goal of providing companionship to the elderly and delivering warmth and happiness to them before the Lunar New Year.

Additionally, during the Double Ninth Festival in September, we organized the "Companionship Meal with the Elderly" event at the Hongdao Nangang branch. During the activity, our volunteers engaged the elderly in fun intellectual games, casual conversations, and shared delicious meals together. The purpose of this event was not only to provide the opportunity for elderly individuals living alone to step out of their homes and socialize but also to let Primax employees understand the virtue of helping others and the importance of caring for society. Together, we aim to create an age-friendly society.

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