Primax was founded in 1984 and is a leading supplier of IT, electronic and consumer solutions. The company is headquartered at Neihu Technology Park in Taipei City. Guided by the principle of "Global Operations with R&D and Smart Manufacturing in Taiwan", Primax now operates across Asia, The Americas and Europe. Highly-efficient production sites have been established in Taiwan, China and Thailand and the company has close to nearly 10,000 employees worldwide.

Seeing the potential of cloud technology and IoT, Primax has successfully developed human-machine interface products with touch, voice control, gesture recognition and wearable functions. Vision and video products have achieved notable successes in smart surveillance systems, mobile devices, smart homes, and advanced driver assistance systems. Our insistence on maintaining high yields as well as high quality in manufacturing and development is backed by our technical expertise. Our implementation of smart system engineering has also made us an indispensable partner for leading international brands and has allowed us to build up the energy needed for future growth.
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Primax aims to become a world-class supplier in all our product fields. Our commitments to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society are backed by our expertise in R&D and extensive experience in product development. Every effort is made to look after the interests of all stakeholders. We also strive to be a good corporate citizen by giving back to society in every way we can.


"Integrity, humility, respect, sharing, honesty, practicality and trustworthiness" are the defining values at Primax and the principles we operate by. All of these values are imbued throughout our business operations and management.

Corporate culture

The corporate culture of Primax is based on “belief in the essential goodness of human nature and working together for the common good.” We foster a culture that encourages communication, open management, and respect for sharing. Employees are encouraged to engage in continuous innovation in R&D, manufacturing, planning and management. We strive to maximize accomplishments in our core business through teamwork.