2024 Online Tech Expo

Welcome to the 2024 Online Tech Expo!
Celebrating 40 years of innovation and excellence in the tech industry.
Join us as we showcase Audio, Visual, and Interface technologies, leading to a future of X-in-one Sensory Fusion!

VR booth

A partner for the future

From wired to wireless, from PC to mobility, and from Internet to IoT, Primax embraces these changes, reinventing itself to stay ahead of the curve, bringing more freedom for you.

The Company


Besides growth and profit, Primax cares about corporate governance, climate change, elders, rural education, and our employees.

Primax, The Citizen

Primax keeps reinventing

Primax brings visual technology, acoustics and human-machine interface all together, and tap the potential of IoT to connect every little detail of people’s lives. Reinvention, to create and innovate, has always been the core value of Primax across generations.

The Technology