SGS“CSR 2020 Sustainable Elite Award”

The 2nd SGS Annual Enterprise Management Conference and CSR Awards were held with much fanfare at the NTUH International Convention Center on September 23, 2020. A panel of external experts were invited by SGS to pick out businesses that demonstrated outstanding performance in sustainability and CSR activities in order to promote the spirit of sustainability among Taiwanese enterprises. Together, positive and proactive business philosophies and energy can be introduced to the Taiwanese business community.

In his speech during the ceremony, SGS Taiwan CEO Andy Chiu said: “Taiwanese enterprises not only stand out in their profit performance but are also paying more attention to corporate social responsibility. Businesses should not only focus on technology and capital investments but also respond to global climate change by promoting CSR initiatives and continue to support the sustainable development of our planet. At SGS for example, we have been a leader in the DJSI for the World and Europe since 2013. We also received the top Platinum award in the EcoVadis sustainability ratings. We hope this award will encourage Taiwanese enterprises to learn from each other and improve their overall competitiveness.”

The 2020 SGS CSR Awards was divided into two categories. For the “Excellence Award” category, an expert panel selected businesses based on their performance in certain areas for public recognition; the “Elite Award” category was chosen through a comprehensive evaluation of the top 15% companies based on domestic/overseas awards and corporate governance. A total of 13 companies received the Excellence Award and 21 companies received the Elite Award.

Primax is grateful to SGS for being recognized with the “Sustainable Elite Award” and will continue to fulfill our social responsibility by working together to create a sustainable Taiwan.