Products and Services

Products and Services

Mobile Device Components

Camera Modules
PRIMAX camera modules are used in all sort of devices, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and notebook computers with resolution ranging from VGA all the way up to 24 million pixels, supporting fixed focus, auto-focus, OIS and other advanced features. We continuously enhance our manufacturing capability in high precision packaging, focus/dispensing/testing/alignment automation etc., including in-house active alignment capability for dual-camera/multi-camera applications. In addition, we expand our product offering to also include action cam, 360 cam, biometric cam, and automotive cameras.

Fingerprint Modules
PRIMAX fingerprint modules are used in all sorts of devices, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and smart door locks. We have been a outstanding finger print module supplier offering capacitive touch fingerprint sensor with matte coating, glossy coating, NCVM, NCOC cover ceramic and cover glass decoration techniques. We continuously enhance our manufacturing capability in lamination automation and decoration technology. In addition, we have expanded our products applied with invisible fingerprint modules with OLED and under 800 um glass cover. We have developed new functionality and processes, such as optical and ultrasonic fingerprint modules to meet the various needs of our customers.

Total Solution for Wireless Charging
PRIMAX is a member of both the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and AFA (Airfuel Alliance). With years of strategic partnership and collaborative R&D with the solutions and key component partners, PRIMAX has provided comprehensive wireless charging solutions and ODM design services for wireless charging products for key brands in mobile phones, portable music players, earphones, video game consoles, PC, Laptop PC, and all kinds of the electronic products providers.

Ultra-thin Keyboard Modules
Leveraging on our strength in PC keyboards, PRIMAX has successfully developed ultra-thin mobile keyboards with protection folio and cover of hard or soft materials. The mobile keyboards and/or modules suit the needs of different consumers and compliment the functionality of mobile devices.

Mobile Camera System
The high-definition mobile camera system can be connected with other devices by USB, or can be used standalone with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Communications Devices
PRIMAX has a comprehensive line of Bluetooth related products including Bluetooth headphones (mono/stereo/hanging/clip-on), audio transmitters, hands-free car headsets, identification card headphones, image viewers, digital pens, GPS receivers, etc.

Mobile Device Accessories
Primax designs and manufactures various mobile devices accessories such as charging cradles, data cables, car chargers, hands- free car accessories, etc.