About Us


Company History / Operational Headquarters

Primax Electronics Ltd. was founded in March, 1984. After many years of hard work, we have built our business into a well known international company listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Primax hosts a diversified range of products. Our products can be categorized into 4 groups.

Primax has its operations and technology headquarters in Taiwan. In China, we have 3 manufacturing sites and 3 product development centers. In addition, there are sales branches in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and U.S.A. Primax is a solution provider for computing, electronics and consumer products. We believe employees are our most important assets. We are proud to have creative and dedicated employees and a forward thinking management team. The Primax management team is well educated in western and Asian cultures, possess global views and grand visions and is determined to lead Primax into future success.

Primax Milestones: